with an extraordinary, subtle masculine elegance and with simple but super effective outfits that are high on style, but low on accessories and must haves, george cortina is pretty much on top of my list when it comes to male dressers.

he’s a stylist and contributing editor for harper’s bazaarvogue nippon (associate fashion director), l’uomo vogue (formerly? a fashion director), vanity fair and v. he regularly works with numerous high-end creatives and clients. and he blows the minds of street style bloggers in his spare time.

click here for a comprehensive list of his work and here for a bio by clm, the agency representing him in europe.

i could blame his immaculate style on his stylist day job but i believe it’s actually the other way around: he is a stylist exactly because his style is nearly damn perfect.

if you think he hangs out with anna dello russo a lot, it’s only because they work together. they do make a stylish power couple though, right?

during research, i found this fast interview he did for 10 Magazine, where he also acts as fashion editor & stylist:

what do you know about? the street.

are you part of the zeitgeist? of course.

have you ever used/would you ever use sex to further your career? no. it is much more gratifying to give it up for free.

what do you like? ice cream.

what do you hate? abercrombie & fitch.

who are your influences? who do you look up to? my grandfather and grandmother are my heroes.

if not you, who/what would you like to be? anna dello russo.

what’s your poison? black iced coffee.

are you a bitch? next question.

what turns you on? humility.

sell yourself in 10 words: i am not for sale. i am only for rent.

what’s up and coming? more.


and, for a fun conclusion, check mr. cortina flexing his abs for a group of noisy italian extras!. enjoy! 🙂

credits: google search, vimeo