completely out of character, i’m going out. several times. in a row. like in: opening galas for film festivals, friday nights in ctrl hanging out with exes and puffing outside with old acquaintances, house visits which included strawberries, bathroom cleaning and oprah. you know, going out.

and there’s more:

tonight, i have a girlfriend’s birthday party/experimental concert of japanese weirdo, damo suzuki, formerly with german band, can. i have no idea about his work but i’ve been told he’s good. so i keep an open mind and go to ctrl once more.

tomorrow evening, atelierul de productie has a live drawing event, called print art fest. at first, the artists will customize the sando templates and then we can get their masterpieces printed on tees and recyclable cotton bags. entry is free and i’m guessing about 73% of all little hipsters kids in bucharest will be there. who doesn’t love urban toys and hipster mingling? also, i may be going back for some cinnamon chasers on friday.

on saturday and sunday, i cannot miss autor 5. this time around, we have david sandu showing us how silver jewelry is made, onsite. you can choose your favourites after trailing the work of over 40 talented artists. afterwards, in case the day will be sunny, we’ll go to baraka for a vintage fair. and for the squirrels, of course.

back to work now, so that i can go out. repeatedly and guilt-free. hmm…