i’m (once again) buried under a lot of work these days.

but i had to run an errand and i took the chance to have some lunch at my favourite turkish (let’s call it) restaurant, emmi.

i had my regular,  chicken tavuk (saute). it sounds simple and it is, but so satisfying paired with a glass of ayran. they serve your meal with an accompanying plate of pickled chilies, scallions, sliced lemon and turnip. also, some yummy fresh bread they make themselves, i assume, given the fact that it does not resemble at all the regular yucky kind one finds on sale everywhere.

why do i think emmi is worth the trip? well, if you are not put off by its hole-in-the-wall look:

first: the food is great: simple, hearty and delicious. their sign says fast food restaurant. that only means that you will be served really fast with none of the pre-cooked preservative-ladden junk. they have shaworma too, but my advice is to get in and order any of the dishes they serve: they have great lentil and yoghurt soups, yummy main dishes, a good tabbouleh and a short but amazing selection of desserts (try the gullac…you’re welcome!).

second: the price is great for the quality and quantity of food you’re getting. personally, i can only take one dish and a drink. take this into account when you order. although, even it your eyes prove more greedy than your mouth, you can always get a doggy bag 🙂

third: the service is impeccable and that, in romania, is priceless. the girls move fast and they make your every wish happen asap.  i have been their client for a couple of years and i have absolutely no complaints.

now you know where to go when you feel like having delicious and cheap comfort food!