in beautiful otaru, hokkaido, after having little to eat for the day, apart from steam cake (an amazing fluffy, moist cake i only found in sapporo) and a tiny boxed meal that came from a machine and included a square of chicken and about 7 fries, we were trailing the town for a place to have our dinner.

we found a minuscule 8-seat joint by the sea (well, by the harbour) with the shortest of menus: lamb, chicken or pork (and there was actually only lamb left at that time), rice and vegetables (onions+bean sprouts). we ordered and, to the obvious scare of the one of us who can`t cook to save his life, we had to cook our own meal (apart from the rice and beer). the waiter came with platters of thinly sliced meat and vegetables and instructed us to place the vegetables at the bottom and the meat at the top of the small, dome-shaped charcoal grills in front of us. the lamb got done in seconds and we ate it after dunking it in soy sauce.

meat and soy sauce then vegetables then rice. wash it all down with some sapporo bear.



photo credits: little aesthete