i stumbled upon him in a certain used books store selling foreign books. that’s where i found, among others, the buddha of suburbia by hanif kureishi.

it is kureishi’s first novel. his style is intoxicating and easy to read. i got hooked. he has a straightforward approach and he loves youth, music and sex. so i added him to my list

kureishi is a writer but also screenwriter and playwright.

my bf wanted me to see venus.  i later found out the script was by kureishi. some of his main themes are there : age, sex and the combination of the two. the film tells an endearing and heart-breaking tale of love and lust in old age and it is a manifesto for doing what makes you happy and not complying with what society thinks is proper for your age. peter o’toole was magnificent in the role, it seemed to have been written for him.

another film scripted by kureishi is my beautiful laudrette, directed by stephan frears, a story dealing with race and social issues in 80’s england. one of the two main characters is played by a very young daniel day lewis.

discover a modern english writer. you won’t regret it!

amazon carries a good selection of his work  and so does the book depository. also, it was widely translated in romanian, but i would generally not recommend reading translated literature

source: youtube