carla szabo is my favourite jewelry designer. she did the best piece i own: a triple ring with dangling silver plated teeth recycled from the dental university. i also have a wooden brooch in the shape of romania. and several other plexi pieces. she thinks that “as long as you do something from the heart, the object you create keeps this positive energy in its essence, and makes those who use it happy; for the equilibrium in the relations between objects and people who use them can help the individuals feel protected and natural” and i agree. her work is right up my alley!

i like it that her goal is not to merely decorate but rather to use the pieces as small carriers of her messages. the real world dimension of her work is somehow mirrored in hahastan, a country in a parallel world populated by her characters moko, depression boy, iherman and many animals. i love it and i’m currently applying for a visa to visit!

the birthday girl kindly answered a few questions for the little aesthete:

what’s the biggest plus and the biggest minus in being a free lance designer in romania?

advantage: you have the freedom you can afford. disadvantage: nobody will give you any freedom unless you prove to be good at what you’re doing.

you are one of the best dressed people in bucharest, in my opinion. can you share a few of your secrets?

this is surprising and honouring. for me, getting dressed became a reflex and a necessity; one can mischievously call it a professional fault. but, the most important reason is probably that i dress myself and not some character i want to impersonate that changes from one day to the next.

how do you spend your free time?

i’m trying to reach inner peace by various activities that help me down that path.

what are your interests?

i’m trying to deepen my authenticity.

what are your favourite destinations?

as the question is ambivalent, i will give two possible answers:

1. i like to reach the destination of accepting understanding a thing and 2. i like the cities that are flooded with light and the smell of water, whether it’s a river or a sea.

what inspires you?

sincerity and usefulness.

tell us about iherman and your other characters. how are they these days?

as anybody else after being born, they are searching for their place in the social picture.

how would your life be like if you had absolute freedom of choice?

it would be serene and dynamic.

your favourite quote?

„we don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are” thalmud

bucharest is slowly becoming a cool place. what are your favourite places?

i like the parks as well as the joy of people and of animals.

Thank you, Carla!

carla is totally interesting and daring. i wish her all the inspiration and resourcefulness necessary to make all her ideas come to life!


photo credits: carlaszabo