hatsune miku does not exist. she is a computer generated character. but that does not stop her from having a fully blown career.

hatsune miku

this vocaloid was created and is distributed by crypton future media, inc. kei was commissioned to design her and actress saki fujita lent her her voice.

she has a cute nickname, miku chan, and is a dream come true. she is eternally 16 years old, beautiful, she has impossible measurements (1.58m, 42 kg) and unbelievable success.


is this the ultimate milli vanilli scenario or what? she is the perfect pop product. although she does indeed need investment and attention, she does not need rest or travel. and she has exactly the amount of scruples her owners do. so far, they refused to associate her with political campaigns. and, need be, she can actually be double or triple booked as she can actually be in several places at the same time. wow! this is a miracle of marketing!

below, you have a few of the biggest products she was associated with in the past.

snap01Crystal-White-PS-Vita_Hatsune-Miku_0003Hatsune Miku B-1dx39_net_

when she was launched in 2007,  she was the 3rd japanese and the 7th international vocaloid to be created. but she is by far the most famous of them and the first to become a pop idol. the initial concept was to launch an android diva in the near-future world where songs are lost. actually, her name is supposed to mean the first sound from the future.

hatsune miku 1

although initially she was a product aimed at music professionals, she had unexpected popular success. in time, that lead to sales of 10 billion yen worth of hatsune miku merchandise.

there is a girl out there who cosplayed miku chan pretty well. click here to check it!

she also has a derivative, hachune miku. i had no idea what that was until i read about it: a fanmade figure based on her character.

i “met” hatsune miku at the mori art museum. the last room of the exhibition was dedicated to her. it was called hatsune miku – the new form of linkage virtual idol. there was a big screen where visitors could watch one of her live concerts. i remembered to have seen her hit single online. also, in the semi-darkness, there was a small plexiglass box containing the dancing 3d hologram of miku chan! i was mesmerized and i examined her moe figure very closely.

real people attend the concert of a hologram. here is a 3 h and a half concert, if you would like to see how it goes.

the exhibition in the mori art museum included a symposium discussing the vocaloid phenomenom. the creator, sasaki wataru, was there and i wish i was there too. this human-non-human interaction is very intriguing to me!

hatsune miku 2

a year ago, miku chan premiered the opera the endher stage costumes were designed by marc jacobs. they were custom versions of the 2013 ss louis vuitton collection. none of the outfits featured the lv monogram. but the print used is the famous damier pattern, recognizable as pertaining to the french fashion house.

hatsune miku 3

the end is currently being performed in paris. here you have the trailer.

how do you feel about this multi-tasking virtual idol?

photo credits: copyrights holder