hotel droog in amsterdam is a special art and design hub. if you are in town, do not miss it!

hotel droog in amsterdam

a side project of dutch design brand droog, the hotel actually includes a shop, a bistro, a garden, gallery space as well as one single hotel room on the top floor.

there are endless and varied events taking place at the hotel, either public or private. they may be a lecture, a seminar or even a yoga class.

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i spent a little while enjoying the roomservice. it seemed to be the perfect place for a healthy snack or meal.


it was pretty quiet apart from a group having a business lunch and a few girls telling stories over salad and tea. i loved it!


i stocked on magazines to read while having my favourite rose lemonade.


upstairs, there was the bedroom i mentioned above. i didn’t visit it but you can see how it looks here.

in order to find out what would it cost to sleep in the only droog accommodation area, i went online. i put in a random week night for november, december and january. the rate i got three times was 350 euro. but, beside for the obvious lodging purposes, the space can also be rented for parties and business meetings.



i really enjoyed my visit. this 17 century building was restored and now has so many things to offer!

read more about hotel droog on dezeen and on design milk.

keep on eye on their instagram and facebook for all the updates!

photo credits: little aesthete