hotel wiesler was my second visit in graz. it looked so cool i was super jealous of the people who actually got to use it!

wiesler 1

although it was launched over 100 years ago, in 1909, part of the rooms and general interior design are very modern due to recent redecoration.

during this last century, the hotel welcomed people like mick jagger, the dalai lama, deep purple and many others. hm, colour me impressed!

one very particular detail: the hotel used to be a five star establishment. but the owner, florian weitzer, decided to give up that ranking together with everything that went with it. instead, he presents the hotel as modern and relaxed luxury for everybody to enjoy.

i arrived at the wiesler in the morning and i had breakfast. so i can confirm that the selection and the service were both flawless. i liked the original art nouveau hall they kept. the mosaic piece is by leopold forstner, a friend of klimt. i can see the influence, can’t you?

wiesler 2 wiesler 3 wiesler 4

what do you think of this? an entire honeycomb full of honey. it looks yummy!

wiesler 5 wiesler 6 wiesler 7 wiesler 8

also, i liked it that they included a pumpkin seed oil spread. it is a local staple after all!

hotel wiesler 9

i was shown two types of rooms. the first one was the independent. it has lots of space, light and an interesting stripped bare wall.

hotel wiesler 19 hotel wiesler 20 hotel wiesler 21 hotel wiesler 22

i thought that giving the guests a map of jogging routes was a very nice touch!

hotel wiesler 23

and then i saw an extra. spacious, bright, with a gorgeous standing bath tub next to the window and with decorations scoured from flea markets, it was a charming mix.

hotel wiesler 24 hotel wiesler 25 hotel wiesler 26 hotel wiesler 27 hotel wiesler 28 hotel wiesler 29

besides the regular services, the 98-room hotel has a turkish bath and an in-house barber shop! bicycles are available for rent and the hotel has free wi-fi. last, my favourite feature! you can borrow a polaroid camera from the reception and send home a picture. i did that: i just had to!

hotel wiesler 11hotel wiesler 12

the in-house rastaurant is called speiseaal. the art was commissioned to a street artist called josef wurm. the food is cosmopolitan and the atmosphere is relaxed. it looks like a great place to bookmark! while checking out their menu, i was surprised. they carry a wine from the marques de riscal winery i visited last year. the world is small, right?

hotel wiesler 15hotel wiesler 14 hotel wiesler 16

they are located right in the center of the town, on the river mur. and they are 2 minutes away from what i consider to be graz’ main highlight, the unbelievable kunsthaus.

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this profile is part of a series, together with hotel das weitzerhotel daniel graz and hotel daniel wien. stay tuned for more!

photo credits: hotel wiesler