alice glass is the 23 yo cute monkey-faced hardcore vocal of the crystal castles. her intoxicating ballsy stage persona, the signature black bob, heavy eye make up and unparalleled penchant for stage diving transformed her into one of the edgiest underground stars out there. i’m sold!

alice glass is the girl who got there first when cool was handed over to people.  she’s got so much of it that she doesn’t care that she’s bruised all over, that her clothes are all thrifted and falling apart (she declared that some of them used to belong to her grandmother…), that her make up is running and that she’s screaming her lungs out while crowd surfing. she’s oblivious to anything pretty and proper and refuses to observe anybody’s expectations. she’s hiding everything but her eyes when you’re taking her picture. she performed with a brace on and crutches for 5 months cuz she had broken her ankle (during other shows, ofc)!

the band unofficially uses the interlocked cs that are the registered logo of chanel. it’s ironic but if herr lagerfeld had any sense he’d employ her magnetic person for his campaigns. but capitalism rarely works that way: most probably, they’ll make a model look like her, it’s safer that way…anyway, it was not the castles’ first time using stuff without permission: they also “borrowed” travis brown’s madonna with a black eye artwork or some samples on their tracks.

her band’s unique selling point is her insanely intense stage presence and searing personal charisma. people just want to bow down to her squat-chic awesomeness. the mosh pit is not nearly as crazy as she is and everybody just gets head first into the chaos.

a short mtv interview

and their omnipresent hit, i’m not in love, featuring robert smith

all credits: the crystal castles