…working on it to make my packing even lighter, that is!

below, there’s a selection of my most important light packing tips 🙂

part of my stash

– pack site-specific: you don’t want to find yourself in a country with a different type of plug design without the proper transformer for your gadgets. or without a swimsuit on the beach.

use sample size toiletries: i collect them during my non-traveling periods (hotel rooms for various toiletries, duty free for perfume and my dentist for toothpaste samples) and i bring along as many as needed. i love them: you can discard the tiny bottles once they’re empty and airport security won’t blink an eye at your bulk of toy-sized stuff!

pack your stuff as condensed as possible: i always bring my troller in the cabin: it saves time when i’m trying to get out of the airport as fast as possible and i avoid getting my luggage thrown around by careless porters. a broken wheel is not something i may want…

– i use a turcoise 360-wheel troller by roxy. the flashy colour makes it easy to spot and the 360 wheels are a great feature! and, for everyday use, a big postman bag so that my hands are free. they were sufficient so far.

– get the smallest sleeping bag you can lay your hands on. same goes for towels: get that thin, easy-to-dry kind.

– bring along dispensable items such as seen-better-days socks, tees, flip flops, etc. after wearing them, you will be able to throw them out and decrease your load.

– no matter how light i pack, i always come home with a couple of unused items. which makes me edit even more the following time 🙂 they call this honing your skill 🙂

i hope this post will help you focus more on the travel and less on the heavy luggage!

photo credits: my bf