i first came across deus when i borrowed in a bar, under the sea tape, some thousand years ago. ideal crash soon followed and then they’ve just become a permanent fixture on my playlists and mr. tom barman one of my top ghosts.

a couple of years ago i kinda followed them on tour a little, more or less in purpose, and was lucky enough to meet them a couple of times. they were always kind and fuss-free, making everybody feel welcome and part of their cool, relaxed parties.

i knew they were touring again and i had kinda already given up on seeing them this time over, when hamburg happened.

so i booked the tickets online, went to hamburg, worked all day and got to the markthalle in time for my fifth deus gig. i have this thing: i can’t get excited until the band starts playing. the opening act was sx, 3 belgian kids playing some sort of rather plain but well-produced electronica.

and then deus came onstage and worked their magic under tom’s vigilant direction. the setlist was keep you close-heavy but it also included the old hits that always please the crowd. the small hall allowed me to watch the show and follow the stage movements closely: not only was i able to see what the public saw but also the small things that make the whole thing run smoothly – tom glaring or waving at the sound technician, the roadie bringing the replacement guitars at hand, mauro’s unreal blue eyes and his funny, soft dance.

tom is always absorbing me in that world of his i know so well, the soft tone of voice makes me hit home and smile.  my ghost has subtlety, intelligence and insight, he’s a soft-mannered gentleman and a cool underground rock star. most of the stuff he writes sticks with me, gets me thinking and sometimes i only get the meaning later on.

the show alternates upbeat with mellow and melodious with punky, the slow roller coaster taking me up and down and in the zone, where all i do is listen and smile, where all songs are well-known and so are the lyrics, even if they’re trying to trick you with a slightly different opening orchestration.

i’m happy, watching a show i’ve seen before. i’m warm and fuzzy inside, part of a perfectly imperfect happening, moved and smiling away. it’s worth traveling for, worth making time for. i just hope you all have your own deus.

photo credits: lilaesthete