i’ve been having this heart-wrenching crush on tokyo for a while…it’s been an unexpected, persistent and consuming obsession. of…

on top of the mori building

rockabilly dancers in yoyogi park

who said the japanese are not social? a sunday picnic

there’s no way i can describe how i feel properly. there’s everything i’ve already seen but also all the things i haven’t discovered yet. it’s the sights, the smells, the sounds, the many surprises of a complicated city, the forest of sky scrappers, the eye-popping street style, the food. it’s how the future will look like!

the famous scramble crossing in shibuya

umbrella stand in front of the museum of contemporary art

tiny sushi place in ueno

the fast fashions. the people not walking their dogs but carrying them around in baby prams. the smart public transport system. kids giving away small packs of tissue with a little ad on the back. reading manga while standing up in combinis. the cat cafes.

somewhere in shibuya

maman, by louise bougeois, by the mori building, in roppongi

the shinjuku eye


everything and anything cute. the sound of japanese being spoken everywhere around me. astonishing snacks: roasted peas, black chewing gum, dried octopus and milk tea. seeing the city from up above.

the national art museum

the amazing cat street

1 million euro worth of anish kapoor art in a tiny ueno gallery

fancy omu rice

the never ending flow of exciting products: sakura macaroons, green tea ice cream, cornflakes-flavored lip balm, anime tee-shirts, murakami key rings. everything is clean and organised. every supermarket is a regular ali baba’s cave.

from up the tokyo metropolitan government building

ginza lights

modern dandy


everybody owns smartphones and everybody knows how to read a qr code. that’s why i got a big batch of  cards for the blog: name and cute mascot on the front, qr code on the back.

cooool street art

whenever i remember tokyo, my heart stops for a second. i wanna go back, i’m hooked, what can i say?

unafraid, on takeshita street

ginza at 7 am on a saturday

is there a place you just need to go back to?

credits: little aesthete