in order to lower my body temperature a bit, i found watermelon popsicles!

i will give you the loose details and you decide on the quantities depending on your taste: cubed watermelon with the seeds removed, lemon juice and small bits of fruit (pieces of peach, raspberries, halved grapes, etc).

in case you have a tray of popsicle molds, great! if you don’t, you can use the regular ice trays plus toothpicks or regular glasses or cups with a chopstick or spoon stuck into the puree.

so, you blend the watermelon with the lemon juice. i wouldn’t add sugar as i guess there are healthier ways to adding some  sweetness – honey or bits of dried fruit, etc. add the raspberries/grapes/anything else you prefer, pour into the containers and put them in the freezer. when it’s half-frozen, insert your stick/spoon. freeze until rock solid.

serve as often as needed, guilt-free!

photo credits: google search