tonight, the cartoon museum has a party! it’s called drawing and urban toy workshop but we know that it’s just code for meeting up, sharing drinks and a concert on the epitome of bucharest coolness: the mnac terrace!

16: pisica pătrată, kitra and noper will be drawing a bucur each. at the same time, the people willing to draw bucur on paper will be able to take part in a workshop: the most creative will get a toy!

also, there is a small exhibition of 50 already customized sandos and bucurs.

20:30: cycler

21:30: brazda lui novac

on saturday, the opera presents the fifth edition of the open-air opera promenade: they invite everybody to lounge in the square in front of the building and listen to a selection of classical favourites. cool! pedal all the way down there and just chill to a soundtrack of verdi!

and the comics pop up museum just keeps on going! they support a new show starting on next thursday, august the 25th, puiu manu at the st. ink gallery.

see you there!