–  vogue uk thinks these are the fashion moments that defined the noughties and that these are the defining fashion moments of 2010.

– park starts the online sales today! entrance, the very cool bucharest concept store, started already!

– in paris, the sales start on january 12th and end on february 15th.  in italy, the dates vary somewhere between the 2nd of january until march 6th. spain and japan lower prices starting with january 2nd. in romania, the sales start on january 15th. do you have your eyes on anything?

– polar bears checking out ghost cameras sent to spy on them.

– for a fitter you in 2011, i recommend shape and health.

– elin kling moves to a temporary address and then moves on again. apparently, she’s working on a fashion magazine of her own. exciting!

– this is zana bayne and her new born online shop selling her leather work: harnesses and such. check out her stuff, it’s interesting!

– my experience is that the first days of the new year sees the airflight companies putting out great offers. i found bucharest-tokyo for 581 euro.  most probably, march will find me in japan! insert grinning garfield face here… can’t wait! check out the search engines and plan your own amazing travels! 🙂