– First and foremost, do not miss the Saudek show opening today in Bucharest!

– Can I please get this for Christmas, too?

– I once had a plan to recreate my Japanese trip on Google for my boyfriend. Although it’s kinda time-consuming to re-do 22 days worth of travelling… Still, I think this is one insanely cool thing we didn’t know we needed and soon we won’t be able to remember how life was before it was created!

–  I love Noma Bar!

– Lexus concept car

– more amazing paper work

– although at some point I went to film school and I’m interested in this complex way of telling stories, I’m kinda scarce when it comes to recommending films. But I can tell you I’m looking forward to Sophia Coppola’s latest one!

– Is there anybody out there who doesn’t gasp in awe when checking out one of Frank Gehry’s works? Check this out!

Everyman by Philip Roth. Read it!

– If you ever wondered, yes, there is a blog following the lives of the Roitfelds (as in the family of the Vogue Paris editrix). Here!

Credits: Fubiz