–¬†happy birthday to the yeah yeah yeahs! ūüôā

Рthe newly married and father-to-be trent reznor of the nine inch nails has a new band together with his new west indian girl bride, how to destroy angels. as i have been crushing hard on him, i wish him luck with whatever he undertakes. in other reznor-related news, he has recently scored david fincher’s the social network, together with long time collaborator atticus ross. coming to a cinema near you this october.

– in other rock dinosaurs still not extinct news, a perfect circle resumed touring. i will assume maynard’s wine making does not pay the bills so they needed to make¬†some actual money! and it seems to be a great idea as all the tour dates are sold out! the set list of each concert will include a full album and, as i know maynard loves being¬†accommodating, probably not much else. do not read into my apparently hostile remarks. mjk¬†is my no. 1 ghost and i love him dearly so, if u happen to be in the states, perhaps you can see him singing from behind a sheet and tell me all about it!

my favorite apc song! and the¬†connoisseurs¬†know it’s hard to choose…