instagramable places are those places that allow us to take a beautiful picture without much effort. i am not talking about art. i’m talking about a special kind of currency nowadays: our pictures shared on social media.instagramable places 5

most of the brands and people use social media to promote themselves. and often the promotion takes a life of its own when customers, fans or friends decide to share the initial pictures.

this being said, i am baffled at the overwhelming number of businesses that oversee this aspect. for example: the endless number of restaurants out there which serve perfectly manicured meals. but they fail completely to understand how all their hard work looks grey and dull online given the lack of proper setting and lighting. the bad examples are endless and i’d rather not insist. i’m sure you know them very well.

i have often been frustrated because of conditions that nearly guarantee a drab picture. these images, even tweaked, are never great. and not great pictures will not get that click, right?

i will give you a positive example though. origo is a bucharest cafe/cocktail place. it has great lighting from a great angle namely from above so there are no weird shadows. and their serving tableware is instantly recognizable. when that little wood rectangular tray with rounded edges is featured in a picture, a caption or tag becomes superfluous. isn’t that what everybody wants? or more importantly perhaps: isn’t that what everybody should want?

instagramable places 2instagramable places 3instagramable places 1instagramable places 6

in conclusion, i think it would be a win win situation if businesses out there would consider the matter. and then decide to install lighting that allows everybody to take great pictures. please transform your business in places we’d like to share online. you know, instagramable!

instagramable places 4

note: all the pictures i used to illustrate this post are used as such. #nofilter, i mean. don’t they just look great? also, if you feel like you have seen them before it’s because you probably have (1 and 2).

photo credits: little aesthete