on thursday, i went to the opening of the eames by vitra show at the ark. design events are rare in romania so i was very glad to see this partnership between vitra and intro celebrating the influence of the visionary designer duo.

i have some pictures from the installation phase of the show and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do: i love seeing how things get done just as much as i like seeing the final product.

on d-day, the guests were introduced to the universe of the eames by charles’ grandson, eames demetrios, who gave a speech and illustrated it with films (some of them his own documentaries) featuring the iconic husband and wife.

charles and ray eames were a husband and wife couple of american designers whose contribution to modern furniture and architecture is very important. the retrospective includes several theme-groups. all the pieces on display are iconic examples of timelessness and relevance, in spite of their being designed many decades ago.

before the show ends, two more events will take place in the same location:

on wednesday, october the 3rd, 19:00: a speech by mihai popescu (twins design), one of the most active interior designers of the moment, powered by designist.ro

on thursday, october the 11th, 19:00: a debate about “authencity in design. copyright. original vs. fake”; the guests include architect robert marin, architect corvin cristian, alexe popescu, calin mailat, anca fetcu, powered by designist.ro

the show is open until october the 14th (mon-sun 10-20) and the entrance is free. enjoy!

ps: surprisingly, on friday, the national museum of contemporary art had a related opening. the show is called  unpolished – young design from poland and is open for visiting until november the 11th. i’m planning to go check it out sometime soon.

i’m very excited that all this is happening!

photo credits: intro, vitra