i am currently taking an 8-day italy trip with my mother. it may be april fool’s day today but this is no joke!

italy trip

a couple of years ago, she decided she wants to travel more. as opposed to nearly not at all before. it all started with a trip to paris where i took my parents in 2008. she loved it and she hasn’t stopped traveling ever since.

so i take her some place different each year. she likes classically beautiful places so, after paris, barcelona and madrid, rome, vienna and most of belgium, we are now touring italy a little.

italy trip

i made a plan but it’s all very relaxed and not very ambitious. very ambitious is my regular way of traveling. i need to go everywhere and see everything. but with my mom, i can chill. we will walk around, she will be in awe of beautiful old churches or piazzas, we will wonder where to stop for lunch and decide which flavour of gelato we’ll have for dessert. i just know we will have a great time!

italy trip

the headquarters of our italy trip will be florence. and we’ll take day trips to the following: bologna, venice, milan, pisa and siena. i know it does sound ambitious. but i can assure you that we will only be walking around, not running around trying to check every attraction.

the internets foresee spring weather for the week. there are occasional showers in the cards but i hope we will manage to avoid them.

i checked the train schedules and wrote down my favourite options. i know italy is not the place where one should rely on the accuracy of train schedules, but what can i do but hope for the best?


we are already in bologna right now, enjoying a sunny april day.

one more thing: do you travel with your parents?

photo credits: google search