i have recently discovered iwan baan and he seems to have the perfect job!

iwan baan is a mind-blowing architecture photographer: he travels the world and takes amazing pictures of the most avant-gardist structures out there. and he is so good at this that they consider him to be one of the most influential people in contemporary architecture.

i enjoyed  spending hours browsing the hundreds and thousands of photographs featured on his website to compile a selection for this post.

and then i discovered his books. and i realized that he may have reserved some of his best work for print. check this: he has a book called insular insight dedicated to the very forward thinking architectural projects on a few inland sea islands in japan: naoshima and teshima. coincidentally some of my favourite places in the country.

his involvement with architecture was incidental: he happened to propose to fellow dutchman rem koolhaaas the documentation of one of his oma projects. and that happened to be the construction of the cctv building in beijing.

i’m sold! his portofolio is a lot like a to do list for me because i often travel for architecture and contemporary art so his list of japanese objectives is bookmarked already.

do you like iwan’s work?

photo credits: iwan baan