january 2016 finds marks the anniversary of this series: one year and counting!

january 2016 finds-

1. dior and i is a very interesting behind-the-scene documentary about raf simon’s first collection for the french house. you will see many petites mains because it was haute couture, the cool process of trial and error and a very endearing stress breakdown during the actual show. raf proves to be the lovable creative introvert i suspected he was. now that he parted ways with dior, i’m watching out for his next step.

2. french women don’t get facelifts and 3. french women don’t get fat are written by a woman born in france and based in america. both books are full of all news, some recipes and a tiresome amount of the french do it better attitude. if you don’t believe that these two books are rubbish, head over to goodreads.com and have fun in the comment section. i would like to ask the lady for my time wasted reading her books back…

4. twenty fragments of a ravenous youth by xiaolu guo is a book written by a young chinese woman. i enjoyed reading the girl’s adventures in the big city of beijing. the style was unpretentious and fresh. i recommend it. and i can’t wait to discover the rest of her work.

january 2016 finds 1

5. la giovinezza by paolo sorrentino is not a film about youth. quite the contrary, it’s a story about old age with a pristine swiss background and a cast of top notch actors. go see it on a big screen and allow yourself to become part of the story!

6. i watched the netflix series called chef’s table. if you are at all a foodie or into gastronomy, watch the series to discover (or find out more about) 7 chefs. my top 3 were the episodes about massimo bottura’s osteria francescana in bologna, niki nakayama’s n/naka in la and magnus nilsson’s faviken in sweden. i loved the series: it was wonderful to watch the chefs at work. don’t miss it!

7. i’ve been watching a lot of youtube this last year. i subscribed to channels and i enjoy seeing vloggers doing their thing and increasing in popularity. i will recomend eat your kimchi, the channel run by simon and martina. they are two americans (canadians?) who lived in seoul for 7 years and have recently moved to tokyo. they are loud and obnoxious most of the times, but they somehow make me watch all their adventures. now that they moved to tokyo i simply cannot stop, can i?

8. this month, i’ve been looping old a-ha hits. i am a fan of the norwegian band, i love their unique sound.

9. i’m planning for a 15-day trip to italy at the end of summer. we’re planning to arrive in milan, rent a car and just do our best before leaving from rome. it’s still far far away but i love researching the routes, the itinerary and the airbnb options. it’s gonna be unbelievable, that much i know! i’ve been meaning to do the italian module on duolingo but now i have the proper motivation to do it. i’m really looking forward for this road trip!

view of Portofino - beautiful town of Ligurian coast, Italy

10. last but not least, drumroooool: i have an upcoming surprise trip to valencia! i’ve been going through spanish on duolingo again since i found out, about 2 weeks ago. check out my instagram for all the upsdates. i can’t wait to see the sun, the sea and the beach: yey!

january 2016 finds 3 january 2016 finds

this was my list of january 2016 finds. what are your finds?

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