january 2017 finds is some of the video i’ve watched while virtually killing myself working. yeah…

january 2017 finds

1.if you don’t have a girly series to watch, try insecure. it’s new, real and it’s got good music (solange is in charge of it). watch the first season before the last season of girls starts in mid-february.

2. this is an old favourite i’ve come across: woman in chains by tears for fears. so beautiful and unfortunately still so current (listen to the lyrics).

3. i’m not a big tea drinker. but i have delved in my mostly ignored tea collection recently because we’re riding a cold wave here in romania. my current favourite was a gift: nute’s raspberry & thyme. i also like their licorice & fennel. try them if you like a tea that’s a bit special: they’re organic tea blends from scandinavia. the cute wooden box they come in doesn’t hurt!

january 2017 finds 1

4. i read an interesting article about the japanese art of grieving a miscarriage. in kamakura, a former capital nearby tokyo, the hasedera temple has thousands and thousands of little statues commemorating miscarried, aborted or babies who died in infancy. it’s heartbreaking to see all the sweets and toys brought as offerings, but also it looks like an open way of dealing with the loss. in my country, these things are swept under the rug and i think that’s just plain unfair.

5. when you watch as much youtube as i do, you end up coming across a lot of random stuff. some of it is cool though. i post below 2 medium length documentaries about the life of training gymnasts from china and russia.

6. this is an article about how a triple amputee is trying to change the experience of dying. very interesting read.

7. who wants to live for ever? is a channel 5 documentary about the last part of freddie mercury‘s life. try to get over the actor playing him (now seriously, nobody could have played him properly…) and find out more about his life behind the scenes.

8. thunder perfect mind is a short film commissioned by miuccia prada to ridley scott and his daughter jordan. i love daria and i love berlin. check out a long ad for a fragrance without any mention of the actual product. i love.

9. check out a day in the life of 108, the spin off restaurant of stellar noma from copenhagen. the place run by kristian baumann (who used to work at noma) serves affordable food and drinks. i’ll totally go when i’ll be in town next!

10. i have recently come across honeysuckle‘s channel. easy meal ideas mainly asian. very cute.

11. another munchies episode: a night in gallera. in milan, people can go to a restaurant run exclusively by inmates. check this out.

12. i came across nailogical a while ago but i couldn’t get over her fake stupid persona. but i find her kinda fun now. anyhow, if you get beyond the silly facade, you get nail art stuff. enjoy the halo craziness.

i’m not surprised i have 12 things on my list this month since i didn’t move from my desk much. anyway, i never include the hardcore stuff. now just imagine how long this list really is…

photo and video credits: copywright owners