january 2018 finds is pretty long in spite of being fairly busy.

1.has the school of life gotten a little better in recent months? i liked the insight in these 2 videos. check them out!

2. franca: chaos and creation is a documentary by francesco carozzini. he is franca sozzani’s son. his film premiered short before her untimely death. if her name means nothing to you, you must know that she was the editor of italian vogue for 28 years. watch the film to get an idea about her career and achievements.

3. we spent 3 days in beautiful sevilla. i loved it in spite of having probably the worst weather of the year. we’re planning to go back!

4. the absolute highlight, from my point of view, was the mudejar jewel of alcazar.

5. on our first night in sevilla, we had dinner at casaplata. great local food, wonderful contemporary decor! i’d go back once a week!

6. we decided to try the michelin-mentioned canabota in sevilla. a delightful saturday evening experience: great service, beautiful pescado and marisco dishes, reasonable prices! definitely recommended!

7. our last dinner was in a place called el rinconcillo. they say it has been in business ever since 1670!

8. i found an interesting article in case you happen to be writing. you can read it here.

9. i watched two korean food-related webseries: the cravings. i went though both seasons of 10-minute episodes in one evening. and i liked it. each episode is made of brief moments in the life of a single girl who likes food. each episode ends with a very short recipe. it’s on netflix, subtitled in english and all.

here’s an episode. if you like it, you can watch it translated on netflix!

10. i also watched (and loved) let’s eat. i like the subtlety and endearing style of this korean series about food. i enjoyed watching its 16 1-hour episodes. now i saved the link to see let’s eat 2!

11. the elbphilarmonie in hamburg took a long time to complete. i was disappointed it wasn’t ready when i was in hamburg last. but i’m so glad that it is now working and hosting all kinds of events. below, you have last year’s concert by local cult band einsturzende neubauten.


12. youtube brought me the neighbourhood, an american band founded in 2011. i post my top 3 below. i’m very conflicted about their look but i choose to ignore that part. i’ll just go on listening to their good pop.

13. i seem to have become fixated on the whole e.l. james thing. i read somewhere that she made 95 million and that her books are the biggest seller ever. kill me now.

i have been begrudgingly reading the 4th book called grey, the story from christian grey’s point of view. it’s not any better than the rest.

14. tool’s justin chancellor is featured on this track by polish band glaca. not bad!

15. i seem to not be able to get over charlotte gainsbourg latest album. i loved this making of video for all the work behind album and maybe you will too.

16. terrace house is a reality show following the daily lives of 6 japanese boys and girls. each series is set in a different location. and they all have a live commentary that’s often more fun that the actual developments. i can’t stop watching the 20-minute episodes since they provide interesting insight into cultural differences.

i read an article in wired that starts by talking about the show and ends by demonstrating a theory of world dominance by netflix. click here to read.

17. i remember listening to sade ever since i was doing it on a cassette tape player. imagine that. here are a few favourites.

18. i came across this indonesian kid at the end of last year. but somehow i just forgot to write about him. check out the hypnotic beats, loser look and his seamless flow!

ps: he’s currently launching his album, but i like these two tracks better. check him out, he’s managed by 88rising.

and you? how was your january?

all instagram pics and the cover photo: little aesthete

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