january 2020 finds is on time! it’s because i’m on my way to the airport. if you want to see what i’m up to, check my insta.

1.i decided to group the tokyo places in the december post, although the trip ended on january. and i’ll post now about the things i discovered or bought there.

first of all, i couldn’t take my mind off the comme des garcons x monocle collaboration. i like 2 of the 4 scents. i decided on laurel. it’s bitter and i love it.

2. i wrote about rag tag in the past. it’s a chain of designer consignment stores in tokyo. it’s the place where you can see really interesting people. and get very interesting pieces for good prices. i got a parachute bag by henrik vibskov. it’s kinda flimsy, i’ll see if it needs reinforcing.

3. i’ve been testing shiseido’s ultimune power infusing eye concentratefor a while. i settled: it works for me so i got it.

4. i got some korean eye patches. they’re called dermal shop e.g.f. hydrogel eye patch. i like them.

5. i got your cheek only tint by canmake in shade 1. because it’s a clear cheek blush that goes on pink and i like it.

6. i liked the gel cream by momo puri. it smells of peach and it’s gonna be perfect for the summer. i got a couple of their sheet masks, too.

7. i bought 4 books in tokyo. 3 are japanese literature translated into english. the 4th is neuromancer by william gibson. i got it in a used book store, but it was brand new. i’ll post more when i read them.

8. we went to 3331 arts chiyoda on a slow day. it’s a building full of small galleries. they were mostly closed. but the cafe and the shop downstairs weren’t. i got an inflatable earring and i know i’ll wear it a lot.

9. i struggled to finish serotonine by michel houellebecq by the end of the year. i failed, by 45 pages. it’s kinda soulless so reaching for it was not much fun. i finally managed to finish it. what can i say? if you like houellebecq, you will like it.

10. kinda the same happened with zadie smith’s book called feel free. i liked a few of the essays, but had a hard time going through most. i liked the ones about jc ballard, jay-z and rome. i found it interesting to read non-fiction written by a poc. but finishing the book was more of a chore.

11. back home, i was able to take advantage of outlet prices for the first time. i got 2 bimba y lola bags (a rucksack and a tote). also, a bracelet and a pair of clip-on earrings.

12. i also found 2 pairs of trainers to take home: one asics gel lyte and the platform sneakers rihanna made with puma a few years ago. it was a pretty good shopping trip.

13. i love this song. i can’t remember when i heard it first. i fell into a bossanova hole in january and i didn’t fight it.

14. i got sent this link. it’s an article about how anthony bourdain’s mom jumpstarted his journalistic career. also interesting is the link at the end for the article she helped him publish in the new yorker.

15. i find fka too artsy fartsy. her heart seems to be in the right place, but the delivery is often pretentious. i’m following her loosely nonetheless. this interview is defo worth watching.

in other fka news, she performed for valentino during the men’s show.

16. this is a backstage pass to the life of a musician. if that is something that interests you, click.

17. i was late to the rick and morty party. but i solved that by binge watching the 36 episodes now. if you are ever later than me, you should check it out. be prepared to start thinking a lot about death, physics, parallel worlds, dismembering and how everything is oh, so relative. enjoy!

18. i watched season 6 of grace and frankie. it’s good.

19. wow! so japan has fertility festivals where they wave around thousands of representations of the penis. but a little vagina art got this lady into prison. hypocrisy or wtf?

20. the latest billie eilish song is an earworm.

21. i love this album. here’s a few of the songs live.

22. in porto, every time the sun is out, you’re out. in the winter, i mean.

23. because we have a circle of new friends, we got invited to openings.

24. this is a public exhibition of the portuguese presidential cars in alfandega de porto. i liked it.

25. before i came to porto, i knew nothing about camellias. now i know they bloom in winter. i know a garden full of various species. mind-blown!

26. i watched the goop lab. pff. watch with a big grain of salt. some of the episodes are ok. but the last episode is about communicating with your dead ones. i couldn’t, i turned it off.

i’ve noticed that gwyneth paltrow started getting all cool lately. she talks about her drinking, lady-like drug use and doesn’t forget to insert a “fucking” every once in a while. just enough to convey to us that she’s relatable. just like us, you know. i don’t buy it. but who am i? did you like it?

27. i’m still listening to iggy. this time, a live with bits of an interview interspersed.

28. i have a friend who does all sorts of interesting things. one of them is collect sounds. click here for one of them.

29. read this interesting article about men and their learned inability to do what they say when it comes to independant women.

30. look at this girl getting all out there with her make up. i’m mesmerized by her. she collaborated with rick owens on a runaway show he had in recent years.

31. a beginner’s 30-day yoga series i’ve been meaning to try.

32. a very interesting channel full of candid and heartbreaking interviews with all those invisible people.

33. if you were wondering what ai wei wei has been up to, click here. he moved from china to berlin and then to london. but believe me my summary is not a spoiler.

how has your january been?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders