january 2021 finds is here! please find things you could do among my most recent finds!


1. the last children of tokyo by yoko tawada was short and confusing. i’m hardly able to summarize the story. a 115-year old grandfather and his 15-year old boy lead simple lives in the future. meh.

2. normal people by sally rooney seems to be on everybody’s lips. it’s easy to read, but i wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. if i had hbo, i’d watch the series to see how they adapted the story.

3. conversations with friends by sally rooney is her debut novel. i’d say it was a little better than the second. easy to read, too. read them if you want to discuss it with everybody else.

4. i liked kim ji-young, born 1982 by cho nam-ju. she found the right tone to detail all the ways in which the korean society has no gender equality. the book is short, well-written and concise. highly recommended. i see they made a film, too.


in december, i bought a bunch of indie zines in order to keep my portuguese studies light and fun.

5. musclechoo trump card by rudolfo was not bad. i was distracted by the text mistakes blacked out by pen. musclechoo is a muscly picachoo who goes on intergalactic adventures.

6. molly 1 by rudolfo is a skinny zine type notebook.

7. in molly 2, rudolfo makes up a japanese band whose albums are put out by aural bowels records. the stories are so crazy they’re kinda believable. i can tell you that i google to see if they are invented or not.

8. ejaculator by lobo ramirez is a gory, disgusting zine if you like that kind of thing.

9. revista prego edicao fudida is a group effort. every time i hear that a group of young people get to write freely about sex, i get excited. i think it’s gonna be good, at least part of it. it was not really. the drawing style varies from the simplest to the very nice, but it’s actually the lame stories that i didn’t like. i’d still buy another issue.

10. penis assasino by janus was technically the best storyline. it involves a bewitched penis and a whole lot of women who die by it. not bad at all.


11. ghostemane‘s hellrap was the soundtrack to rick owens’ most recent show.

12. indochine. two duets. two black and white videoclips. the first one is an indochine cover from back in 1985. that’s 2 years before christine was born lol.

13. i watched rammstein paris by jonas akerlund. wow! an amazing show. the energy of the band plus the theatrics and the pyrotechnics. and most importantly: the music. recommended!


14. an oscar winning short called the neighbors.

15. i remember seeing fight club when it came out. anyway, you should watch it twice. it works better that way.

16. i couldn’t have sat through polar by jonas akerlund if it wasn’t for mads mikkelsen. the films was inspired by a comic book which makes sense. but it is weak, i’m sorry to say. if you like it or want more info, read what the director has to say to variety about it.


17. history of swear words was a very welcome series. i understand swearing. i see its point. grown ups should swear, it’s useful and civilized. they say civilization started when the first man swore at another instead of hitting him. watch this. it’s funny as well as informative.

18. alice in borderland is catchy albeit meh. a bizarre disappearance act leaves tokyo full of a handful of people playing life or death games. a series inspired by a manga with a second season pending.

19. samurai gourmet was also inspired by a manga. it’s about the relaxed life of a newly retired sarary man. he can now go out to eat more often and he day dreams about a less than polite samurai alter ego. the main character is not great, but i liked his wife shizuko very much.

20. down to earth with zac efron is a netflix series about sustainability and health. i liked zac way better than the expert he brought along in his trips around the world. an interesting series. watch it.

21. bling empire was rich crazy asians in real life. it’s watchable.

22. lupin is the super hyped french production. good casting, poor storyline, shit ending. i understand a cliff-hanger, but the end offered absolutely no closure in this case. meh.

23. bridgerton was better. the main female character is not sophisticated. other than that, the show is highly bingeable. yes, that’s a word. it’s in webster, too.


24. homelessness is a problem. what did vancouver do to solve it.

25. i recomend this article about bed sheet washing as well as the entire blog.

26. paul smith in tokyo with deyan sudjic. it sounds as it is: interesting.


27. decriminalization of polygamy in the state of utah

28. 8 million children go missing every year worldwide!

29. i fell in love with sophie fontanel. i even ordered one of her books.

30. there’s a man in rio who sells a ton of fries every day.

31. how to make soup dumplings yourselves.

32. i like this channel. check out this micro home in marfa, texas.

33. or these domes!

34. my favourite this month was this barcelona flat.

35. i like restoration because i hate waste.

36. i couldn’t stop watching this restoration of a hermes birkin.

37. i don’t like ugg boots, but i don’t like consumerism, either.

38. check out how they repair this book.

39. this is how the japanese restore books.

40. the life of an olympic runner is not easy.

41. good kimchi is gold.

42. making kimchi pots is not easy.

43. i cried watching this taipei story.

44. i liked the wise words of a dominatrix.

44. dashi journey is an 18-minute long short about dashi, the base of many japanese dishes. they travel to the places where the main ingredients, kombu and katsuobushi, are made. and that only makes me long to go back to japan even more.


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