january 2022 finds is here. it’s rather short because work galore.


1. i finished the story of things by deyan sudjic. i liked the story of cities and i liked this one, too. it’s like listening to a very smart and knowledgeable man. i recommend it.


2. vogue uk january has a striking all-black cover. the content was as good as ever.


3. oscar and the wolf is a belgian act recommended by spotify.

4. sevdaliza is about to launch a new album this month. this is the first single off it.

5. i enjoyed this talk between andre 3000 and rick ruben. I also liked andre’s speech below.


6. i translated in beaver valley. it’s a 1950 disney film about fauna. i loved it. you can watch it online if you want.

7. i discovered a 1946 film collaboration between salvador dali and disney. it is called destino.

8. to the bone is a film about eating disorders. it was rather weak.


9. get organized with the home edit is a netflix series about making the best of your space.

10. too hot to handle season 3 was meh like all the rest.

11. i am georgina is a short series about georgina rodriguez, cristiano ronaldo’s girlfriend.

12. midnight asia is a 6-episode series. i really liked the first tokyo episode, but the rest were less interesting. i may be biased.

13. getting curious with jonathan ness is an informational series. it’s better than i thought i’d be.

14. stay here is about redecorating for better airbnb monetization without saying it.


15. this is an interesting article about bodies.

16. ai wei wei shows his alentejo house to conde nast traveler. it’s in spanish but worth a look.

17. an interesting article about gender bias.

18. this a topic that interests me. how women have to suffer because of the male insight and design.


19. if you plan a trip to italy, watch this. and you should plan a trip to italy.

20. i’ve been into cheese a little more recently.

21. how to cut and serve cheeses.

22. you imagined neuromarketing existed.

how was your january?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders