january 2023 finds is here!


1. i read queenie by candice carty-williams and i liked it. it’s good contemporary lit written by a woc.

2. 8 years after, i re-read la miuda da banda by kim gordon. in portuguese this time. it was worth re-purchasing after a “friend” stole it along with all my other music-related books.


3. i bought una vida errante – volumen uno by yoshihiro tatsumi in a coruna. i enjoyed reading in spanish about the process of the mangaka.

i bought three second hand mangas.

4. l’homme qui marche by jiro taniguchi was nice and subtle.

5. le journal de mon pere by jiro taniguchi was inspired by the mangaka’s own life. it was moving.

6. another childhood-inspired book was le chant de mon pere by keum suk geundry-kim. i’m looking forward to reading her other books.


7. i couldn’t read british vogue this month because i have access issues. their services are not at all good or prompt so i’m still locked out of my account.


8. i listened to the blonde soundtrack by nick cave and warren ellis. it was nothing to write home about.

9. this is probably the best cover of billy idol’s rebel yell.

10. this is the fresh depeche mode track, ahead of the big tour coming up.


11. the old wing of the okura hotel in tokyo is under re-construction as we speak.


12. pamela anderson with love is the netflix documentary. there is a book, too. this is a well-deserved revival, kids.

13. love building is a watchable romanian film made by iulia rugina.

14. inside the mind of a cat is a netflix documentary. watch it if you like cats.

15. dolemite is my name is a black story with a black cast, but a white director. it was funny and unexpected.

16. i couldn’t watch more than half of you people by kenya barris. in spite of the interesting cast, it was boring and unfunny. all the lines of all the characters sound like only one person.

17. nordford sola is a 45′ documentary. 2 norwegian young men survive 9 winter months on a small beach beyond the artic circle. they surf and gather garbage. i loved it.

18. peter lindbergh – the eye is a netflix documentary. as usual, fashion people overestimate their importance ad relevance. the film was meh.

19. waiting for season 2, i watched and just like that… the documentary. it was interesting to watch some behind the scenes for this huge production.

20. don’t worry darling was weak. i do not recommend it. maybe during a flight.


21. bling empire: new york is a sibling show. i enjoyed watching the lives of a different group of affluent asians. they call themselves slaysians.

22. gossip girl 2 was ok. the show was cancelled in spite of throwing in throuples, gay sex, poc, etc. the storylines are borderline boring and the casting is sad. thomas doherty was probably the only exception.

23. i watched the high infidelity reboot with zoe kravitz. they tried, they failed. rob is a woman playing a role written for a man. notable guest starring by debbie harris and thomas doherty. it’s not the worst thing you can do with your time, especially if you are into music.

24. i finally watched wild romania. it’s 3 episodes of magic. watch it to find out what happens when there are no people around.


25. i was hypnotized by the raising ceiling at prada.

26. a case for subtitles.

27. watch it and weep, literally.

how was your january?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete