january 2024 finds is here. it’s a long list because we have a few new odd categories.


1. i bought the michelin guide tokyo 2024 on my last day there. it’s never too early to plan your next trip and this is the best metropolis to be a foodie.

2. i read musica, so musica in portuguese. it consists of 6 conversations about music between haruki murakami and seiji ozawa. the former director of the boston symphonic orchestra died on 6.02.2024. i loved the book and i consider buying it in english.


to improve my portuguese, i borrowed a stack of comics from my libraries.

3. i liked guardians of the louvre by jiro taniguchi. it was commissioned by the actual musee de louvre.

4. i re-read the first volume of os trilhos do acaso by paco roca. this time, in portuguese.

5. comer beber by filipe melo and juan cavia contains a few short stories from world war time.

6. i couldn’t finish o fado ilustrado by jorge miguel.

7. patti smith she has the power by ana mushell was weak. i liked the illustrations. the text is fangirling and mythologizing too much. you’re better off reading just kids by patti smith.

8. johnny cash by reinhard kleist is an illustrated biography. it features rick rubin and hurt by trent reznor.


9. youtube recomemnded this jackson wang banger from the a few years ago.

10. troye sivan in drag and a good song.

11. the summary of a relationship in a few minutes.

12. i’m going to see idles live in porto soon. so i’ve been preparing for it.

also, you can check their new album tangk.

13. i love this 1997 album: flying away by smoke water.


i’ve amassed some products in asia so i thought a list would be interesting.

14. both hotels in seoul had malin+goetz products. i tried the peppermint shampoo, the cilantro hair conditioner, the rum hand and body wash. also, the bergamot bar soap and the new vitamin b5 body moisturizer. my absolute favourite is the shampoo.

15. i bought the perfect whip cleanser with collagen. i also have the best-selling blue one and i like both.

16. i got a neroli set by nuxe. i love neroli. the set includes an oil, a body wash and a candle. great value!

17. i’m trying the dear darling water tint by etude. it dries my lips, just like any other tint.

18. olive young had great deals for laneige products. i got the lip sleeping mask in grapefruit.

also, a water bank set: a sleeping mask_ex and the hyaluronique bleu. i like them all.

19. i love the two sunscreens i got. one is japanese, biore uv aqua rich watery essence, and one is korean, round lab birch juice moisturizing sun stick.

20. also, i got the very popular kahi wrinkle bounce multi balm stick. i love the format.

21. dr. jart’s is an old favourite of mine.

i bought 2 sets of masks: wrinkless solution and vital hydra solution.

22. i made sure to get a new momo puri moist barrier cream. i liked it the first time i used it, a few years ago.

23. i got the very popular heroine make waterproof mascara and their waterproof mascara remover. they both suck, i don’t know what i’ll do with them.

24. i bought some japanese eye drops, i always do. these are called rohto new v.

25. last, but not least, a l’occitane ultra rich lip balm. i like it.


26. we were lucky to catch kohei nawa in pace gallery seoul. i’ve seen some of his pieces in japan before, but never a full exhibition. i loved it.

27. i haven’t seen this, but where else would this video belong? the juergen teller show i need to live has just moved from paris to milan, if you’d like to see it.


28. i enjoyed the paris review podcast. it’s like radio theatre. the voices they use really make the difference.

29. i listened to the two la poudre episodes with virginie despentes twice. because i’m listening when i’m out walking and i was trying to make sure i get all of it. i liked it. i queued a few more episodes.


i love stationery, but i will only list the pens i’ve got in tokyo.

30. in angers bureau, in kitte marunouchi, i picked up two pens by a czeck company called centropen. i have a 0.1 document fine liner and an ohp marker permanent in s. i love the former.

31. i don’t remember where i bought the pilot hi-tec-c in 0.25. probably in angers bureau, too. it’s a bit scratchy, but super skinny. it’s the one i’ve started using right away.

32. in itoya, i picked up 2 frixion pens ball slim by pilot japan. you might’ve heard of them, they are the pens with an eraser attached.

33. my all time favourite is muji’s gel ink ballpoint pen cap type in 0.38. i buy it in several colours and this time i bought refills.


34. comme des garcons opened a new store in paris last year.

35. ryue nishizawa from sanaa did the hiroshi senju museum in karuizawa. we visited it, but photography is not allowed. check the link for good pics.

36. i love walden 7. it’s one of the projects of starchitect ricardo boffil.

37. i absolutely recommend a visit to seoul, apparently it’s the best city in 2024.

38. i liked a weird porcelain table in a seoul store. it looked like it was knotted or knitted. the internet helped me track down the artist, kwangho lee.


39. i enjoy watching julianne moore.

40. my list is just like the world: troye sivan is everywhere. here, he’s showing us his cool melbourne home.

41. loic prigent takes thierry mugler’s last interview. fabulous fashion history lesson!

42. kids are using tik-tok to deal with dying.

43. the nazis made what they wanted of klimt’s art.

how was your january?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete