january finds 2015 is the first post of its kind. i decided to gather all my favourites and share them with you. here you have the first set!

january finds 2015

1. one of my recent discoveries is korean dramas. you can watch them online, usually translated in many languages. they seem to have a standard format: a series of 20 episodes, each episode one hour long.

january finds 2015 1

so far, i’ve only watched my love from the star and the heirs. you can decide to look down on the whole thing, but i’m telling you: these fairy tale stories are well-written and well-produced.

january finds 2015 2check out the trailers!

2. i changed my phone. i’m using a samsung galaxy now. i chose this korean model in purpose and i’m enjoying the novelty. i’m thinking about getting some add-on lens for taking better pictures because…

3. i have finally decided to get on instagram! find me @little_aesthete!

january finds 2015 3

4. this month’s soundtrack was zoe’s unplugged. zoe are a mexican alternative band. i fell for the songs they played live one by one. i found the lyrics online and sang along. melodious and haunting!

january finds 2015 4

5. i’ve also seen a few films but only three are worth recommending.

akira is catastrophe porn at its best. even if it was made in 1988, the effects are amazing and the story is gripping. enjoy the spectacular destruction of new tokyo!

ps: try to find the subtitled not dubbed version for maximum effect.

we are the best is the collaboration of film director lukas moodysson with his comics author wife coco moodysson. the story of 3 swedish girls who start their own punk band. very nice!

the trip to italy is a sequel to the trip. michael winterbottom’s main character is fabulous italy and its food. the supporting character is the faulty chemistry between steve coogan and rob brydon playing some tweaked versions of themselves. a lesson on how light and wonderful a film can be!

6. i borrowed and read a few books. this is how you lose her by pulitzer-prize winner junot diaz, a collection of slang-heavy short stories about infidelity and how it affects relationships. it was hard to put down.

january finds 2015 5

wonder by r.j. palacio is a children’s novel about, essentially, kindness and love. i welcomed the happy end.

january finds 2015 6find the rest of my recent reads here.

7. i had saved the link to duolingo for some time. but it was only a week ago that i started using this website for learning foreign languages. i started with spanish because i speak it already. it’s fun and a bit addictive: the perfect way to progress! portuguese is next on my list and perhaps italian after that.

january finds 2015 7

8. i’ve also been watching youtuber jenn from clothes encounters. watch to understand how a teeny tiny girl with a big smile can spellbind hundreds of thousands of people to watch her videos of her travels, outfits and favourites!

january finds 2015 8

9. also, an documentary series about all things japanese called begin japanology. it’s a wonderful introduction into deep japan: the food, the history and the traditions. fascinating!

10. oh, and i resumed watching k-style, too, since the third season has just started. it’s about korean fashions and modern culture. the most fun way to find out about korea!january finds 2015 9i’m kinda surprised by how many things i found to include. what are your recent finds? please tell me all about them. i’m always on the lookout for the next cool thing! thank you!

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