these past days, we have been sticking to our plan: going south. we are in a nagasaki ryokan now. most likely, we`ll get back to tokyo in a couple of days. we`ve been trying to reach a conclusion regarding the rest of the trip but there`s a never ending flow of information, it`s quite difficult to consider everything while it`s constantly changing.

in the meantime, we travel an eerily quiet alternate japan, nothing like what you see on tv. people plan weekend trips and nobody seems to be affected. it is true that we are very far away from the north-eastern coast and in hiroshima, for instance, the earthquake wasn`t even noticed.

P.S. sorry for the unusual kind of posts but i think the current situation demands it. i have new posts written already but i cannot possibly publish anything about art or food or trends. i will get back to norm as soon as possible, though. take care!