– as you can very well see, we had a european slip up at coco’s in hiroshima. steak and fries. the service was perfect, the drink bar was free but included no alcoholic beverages and the food was close enough to what i call a steak.

– at teshima art museum i had the very unexpected combo of cereal, whipped cream and chocolate strawberries.

– the japanese like their food but they definitely looove their sweets. and they don’t discriminate between traditional (almost sugar free) or western (the kind of sugar level i’m used to). on march the 14, on white day, i found this amazing confectionery in hiroshima. they were selling, as you very well can see, hello kitty shapes cakes and, most importantly, my neighbour totoro inspired cakes: a long cake that looked a lot like the cat bus and several kinds of cakes which included totoro himself and several others characters from the film. i was very impressed but the boys got nothing more than cookies (which they loved)!

– most japanese restaurants are displaying many of their dishes in the window. they are by no means the real thing: they are special plastic renditions of the respective dish. very useful for gaijin customers!

– in nagoya, in one of the many malls i came across, there was a confectionery selling white strawberry tart by slice or whole. the entire thing was around 100 euro.

– the yakitori place was our last dinner. we chose a very crowded and  very traditional looking place in nagoya where they have you remove your shoes and order off a confusing engrish menu. we didn’t get exactly what we asked for but the whole thing was great and it’s not as if we were able to complain. haha! language barrier win!

and now, please stop drooling over the keyboard and go get yourself a sandwich. i know i will! haha!

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photo credits: lilaesthete