japanese street style is certainly the most outrageous, eye popping kind of street style out there. i was on the watch out for cool people with interesting outfits. and there were plenty. but, for each person you see below, there were at least a few other whom i lost due to various reasons… apparently, beginners are not always lucky. lol!


this is my favourite shot: a maid hiding away from my camera while hitting the perfect pose. thank you, sweetie!  – akihabara, tokyo

i have 25 pictures of japanese street style. but one of them was posted here already and a few of them are taken in taipei or seoul. so scroll down to see how i did, ok?

japanese street style

this suit is so thom browne, right? – osaka station

japanese street style

the girls were rubbing their gadgets endlessly and i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot her multicolor hair. also, who knew taiwanese kids loved joy division? – taipei, taipei 101 food court

japanese street style

this is the seoul subway. i couldn’t resist sneaking a shot. he saw me at the last moment! – seoul

japanese street style

this is the korean traditional costume. i loved it! – seoul

japanese street style

he’s wearing a comme des garcons tee and the ubiquitous reebok insta pump. also, he had blue hair (unfortunately, barely visible in the picture). he probably doesn’t know it, but i’d seen him 15 minutes earlier while we were both checking out the korean cosmetics stores – myeong-dong, seoul

roppongi, tokyo

the girls were at this great art show, at the mori art museum – roppongi, tokyo

shibuya station tokyo

she was waiting for somebody, right in front of hachiko’s statue. check out the fish tail braid! – shibuya station, tokyo

shibuya station, tokyo shibuya station, tokyo front

the girls were getting subway tickets. i took the first pic and then asked them for permission. how else could you have seen their leg tattoos? – shibuya station, tokyo

yoyogi park, tokyo

he posed and i think the picture is so much better for it – yoyogi park, tokyo

near yoyogi park, tokyo

eco festival – near yoyogi park, tokyo

harajuku, tokyo

i love her outfit! cute, simple and modern plus that lethal punch delivered by the neon skirt. bravo! – harajuku, tokyo

takeshita street, tokyo1

text book lolita outfit – takeshita street, tokyo

takeshita street, tokyo2

she was a sales assistant in a store selling this kind of clothes  – takeshita street, tokyo

takeshita street, tokyo3

i love the skull dress! – takeshita street, tokyo

cat street, tokyo

this is a perfect example of the ongoing trend of identical outfits. they are wearing the same but different outfit. amazing! – cat street, tokyo

cat street, tokyo1

tokyo in the weekend is full of interesting characters and outfits. this is yama, from bopper – cat street, tokyo

takeshita street, tokyo4

two friends! look carefully! what’s unbelievable is that i have a picture with the one in blue, taken 3 years ago. anything can happen here! – takeshita street, tokyo

omotesando tokyo

another couple of friends. i asked them not to pose, just to keep on chatting like they had been. this is what i got! i love the vintage queen look and i also like the feminine doc martens. – omotesando, tokyo

harajuku, tokyo1

i waited for him for about 10 minutes to come out of a store selling only vintage vivienne westwood. i think it was worth it!  – harajuku, tokyo

omotesando, tokyo

cute bike and cute girl – omotesando, tokyo

kamakura, kanagawa

a kind monk – kamakura, kanagawa

ueno park

they were kind to let me take a picture – ueno park, tokyo

i’m waiting for your comments and suggestions. i could really do with a couple of tips on how to shoot better street style pics! thank you!

photo credits: little aesthete