japanese wood is a selection of the best pictures i took of wood during my recent trip. this is going to be another one of those visual rather than text-based posts.

japanese wood y

i’ll start off with a few pieces from a little show in aomori.

japanese wood aomori 1japanese wood aomori japanese wood aomori2  japanese wood aomori3

i was surprised to take many pictures of wood on naoshima and teshima, two of the islands in the inland sea.

wood teshima 12wood teshima 2 wood teshima 3 wood teshima 21wood teshima 22wood teshima 24wood teshima 4 wood teshima 5 wood teshima 6 wood teshima 7 wood teshima 8wood teshima 11wood teshima 13wood teshima 15wood teshima 17wood teshima 14wood teshima 16wood teshima 18wood teshima 19wood teshima 26

unfortunately, i arrived in front of the tadao ando museum about 10 minutes after it closed. i hope there will be a next time…

wood teshima 9 wood teshima 10

if you are wondering what’s with all the burnt wood, i’ll tell you that apparently the locals burn it in purpose, to make it more durable.

wood teshima 25wood teshima 20wood teshima 23

i loved this subtle wire outline. what do you think: doesn’t it qualify as street art?

wood teshima 1

here there are a few pieces from moca taipei: an artist who painted (printed?) on wood.

moca taipei moca taipei1 moca taipei2

next, i have some pictures from a wonderful place in miyajima: the senjokaku temple. a quiet place people used to hang out. good idea!

wood senjokaku miyajima 1 wood senjokaku miyajima 2 wood senjokaku miyajima 3 wood senjokaku miyajima 4 wood senjokaku miyajima 5 wood senjokaku miyajima 6 wood senjokaku miyajima 7

i have a few pictures from seoul, too. they are from a show called new wave that showcased the work of young furniture designers.

wood seoul 1 wood seoul 2 wood seoul 3 wood seoul 4 wood seoul 5 wood seoul 6 wood seoul 7 wood seoul 8 wood seoul 9

i hope you liked my flower and wood posts, because i may have a few more themed articles up my sleeve. stay tuned!

photo credits: little aesthete