july 2016 finds is a little late. and the following post in this series will be a little late too, since i will be taking a couple of weeks off at the end of august.

july 2016 finds x


1. grace jones published a book called i’ll never write my memoirs. it features interesting insight in her life, a few secrets and a lot of appropriate name dropping. i recommend ignoring the general overconfident tone and reading it, especially if you are a fan.

2. i spent a week at the black sea seaside. it always reminds me of the vacations i spent there during my communist childhood and i mean that in the best way.

3. i love wallpaper city guides and i’d love to have them all! i’ve just gone through the milan one. if you’re into interesting and modern, get them!

4. i’ve just gone through the italian module on duolingo. i continue to suck at speaking, of course, but i got better at understanding. i’ll try practicing it as much as possible as well as buying books and magazines.

july 2016 finds 1

5. check out oliver astrologo‘s chanel for cool travel videos. how can you not dream afterwards?

6. if i would have made dramatic changes to the schedule of our upcoming italian trip, we could have seen john carpenter live at the roman auditorium. the last time i was there was 6 years ago to see florence and the machine

anyhow, here’s a sample of what we’ll be missing!

7. when i was in paris at the end of april, i went into a small indie book shop and asked the girl to recommend me a few new books.

i’m now half-way through corniche kennedy by maylis de kerangal. the writing is unnecessarily complicated and i cannot get through more than a few tiny folio pages at the time. but i’m not giving up… although i doubt i will have a better opinion when i’ll read the whole thing. so, read at your own peril!

8. the cure are touring the world as we speak. disintegration was one of the first tapes i bought back when i was maybe 16. i’m considering hopping on a plane to see them live again. i saw them in vienna in 2008 and it was definitely the best concert ever: 3 hours of non-stop smiling!

until i decide, i’m watching various concerts on youtube while flashbacking to my teenage years when everything seemed possible and when i was going out wearing a poor man’s version of robert’s make up!

9. point break is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. i just had to watch this classic featuring pre-sad keanu, lori petty and patrick swayze again. and i loved it again!

july 2016 finds 2

10. years ago i bought a book about all the regional food and drink in italy. i’m now trying to make some short list of the things that are not to be missed since carrying it along is out of the question.

july 2016 finds 3

i realize that half of this month’s list has to do with italy, but brace yourselves, since next month’s selection will certainly be even more italo-centric! if you don’t want to wait until i post on the blog, you can follow my trip on instagram!

photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders