july 2017 finds are mostly video stuff, i guess you’ve gotten used to this by now.

july 2017 finds

1.las chicas del cable is an original spanish netflix show. the 8 episodes premiered at the end of april and they had such success that they are currently filming the second season which will premiere in december. everybody in spain is talking about the show so i got on the band wagon. it’s not the best show ever, but it’s interesting enough, well-produced and its main theme is the position women had in the society in 1920s spain.

also – the best excuse for binge watching – i considered it great practice for my spanish! but, if you want to watch it and you don’t speak castellano, it’s subtitled in english and several other languages!

2. i watched another netflix production, okja, only a few days after it was released on june the 28th. i liked it!

3. japanese cosmetics company sk-II made a video campaign that deals with the societal pressure young women face in asia, especially china. it’s sad to watch but eye opening!

in asia, there is this concept of the expiry date for women who reach the age of 25. read here about the sad local analogy with the christmas cake, which can be sold at full price on december 24th but has to be sold at a reduced price afterwards.

4. for some reason, i went through a lot of ted talks this month. i post below the ones that i liked best.

5. i kinda like james franco. youtube knows that already so it brings up lots of stuff to my attention. years ago, he did my own private river, some sort of spin-off of my own private idaho. below, you have both films as well as a q&a with franco and gus van sant. interesting, if you are into that kind of thing. i was only able to see the q&a all the way to the end.

6. psych2go is an unfortunately named youtube channel aiming to introduce viewers to various psychological concepts. it’s interesting and helpful if you don’t know much about these things.

7. invisible people is a heartbreaking youtube cahnnel. it’s run by a former homeless man interviewing currently homeless people in several (mostly american) cities. you must watch at least a few videos, fyi if nothing else. you’ll cry. i did.

8. noma my perfect storm seemed to be the perfect documentary: i like the concept behind noma and i think rene redzepi, its chef, is a nice and very talented guy. i watched 80% of it. it could have been better. still, it’s worth watching if you like rene’s work.

9. i watched leon by luc besson for the first time. i was intrigued but ultimately didn’t see the point of the weird love dynamic between a 12-year old and a 45-year old. yeah, not ok, even if the director made the little girl emotionally in charge of the whole thing…

the film is not bad, but it definitely doesn’t deserve the 8.6 rating it has in imdb. i’d rather agree with the 6.7 on rotten tomatoes.

the next evening, i watched another luc besson film: the 5th element which premiered 20 years ago. milla is amazing, chris tucker iconic and gary oldman one of the best villains out there. i still love the film!

10. we sometimes go out on weekend days and just wander. blogging about all i see would take a lot of time i don’t have. but you can check instagram for more details

bombas gens is a new cultural center in town aiming to become an important player in the local art world.

museo de la ciudad is hosted by the palacio de marques de campo. it was a very nice surprise!

the museo d’etnologia has a beautiful black and white show by french photographer jean dieuzaide.

11. you know how i like i-d’s documentaries. and i definitely loved this one!

this was my month. how was yours?

photo and video credits: copyright holders, little aesthete