july 2018 finds is a long list of stuff. i think it’s because i’ve been more diligent with the things worth mentioning here.

1.i’ll start with a shot of audio red bull. the first track on the knife’s legendary deep cuts album: girls’ night out.

2. i’m currently using this new waso fresh jelly lotion and i love it. in this hot weather, i find that i can only use oil or jelly!

3. we were in manises twice this month. on sunday for the festa de la ceramica.

and on wednesday, for the cavalcada. in brief, unsold ceramics are handed over to the people from moving trucks. pretty much like in the model below. it was fun!

4. after the cavalcada, we hurried to see my mexican favourites zoe.

5. bedtime story is an old 1995 madonna song. written by bjork and nellee hooper. a hypnotic video by mark romanek. the legendary cost of the video is a reported 5 million usd.

6. another song i’ve been listening to is spoils by massive attack.

7. i read two more oishinbos: japanese cuisine and sake. i have 2 left but i’ll postpone those. because i have a list of 18 books for this summer!

8. i bought two oversized bimba y lola chain necklaces. dainty, how i like them.

9. last year i was in madrid for a few days. torres blancas were my main destination. click here to see the inside of an apartment in this brutalist building.

10. very interesting article about dali and his gala.

11. we finally made it to poppyns. it’s a multi-purpose space that includes a concept store and a cafe.

12. beyond hollywood is a show currently at the museo d’etnologia.

13. arguably the most famous cat on the internet, maru has recently turned 11. happy birthday, cutie!

14. we went to muvim and saw a very informative and sad exhibition. it was about that time when valencia was flooded by the turia, back in 1957. right afterwards, the river was diverted to flow outside of the city.

15. i came across this soothing youtube video.

16. i binged watched the second series of queer eye. i liked.

17. i put this cool incheon museum on my list for the next time i’ll be in korea.

18. you must check out the taste atlas. especially if you’re a foodie.

19. i read an interesting article about david lynch.

20. the entire new nine inch album: bad witch.

21. poulet aux prunes by marjane satrapi was the first bd i read from my list. very good!

22. i went through 3 comics by riad sattouf: retour au college and la vie secrete des jeunes II and III. the latter first appeared in charlie hebdo. i love his effort of finding alternative spelling for slang french. great fun!

23. le recit d’un branleur by samuel benchetrit was a waste of time. i’ll admit it: the gossip brought him to my attention. he used to be married to marie trintignant before she was killed by bertrand cantat. then, he was with anna mouglais, lou doillon and has recently married vanessa paradis. his personal life may be happening, but this book, as a fellow reader put it, doesn’t say anything. do not waste your time like i did…

24. i’m halfway through the vernon subutex trilogy and i’m loving it. i’ll write about it when i finish the whole thing.

25. interesting video if you are a totoro fan.

26. ricardo bofill is an interesting architect. click here to find out about him. the cover photo is one of his buildings: la muralla roja in alicante.

enjoy your summer! i’ll see you next month!

photo credits: little aesthete and copyright holders

video credits: copyright holders