july 2019 finds is a little late. july was another busy month so spare time was scarce.

1.the dead never die by jim jarmusch. didn’t like it all that much. the highlight would be the famous cast. it’s an airplane film: see it, then forget about it.

2. i watched the second season of she’s gotta have it as soon as it aired. but i forgot to tell you about it. i’d say it’s better than the first. still, although necessary, it’s not stand alone great.

3. tuca and bertie is a new netflix show. the voices belong to tiffany haddish and ali wong, the most important female comedians of the moment in us. it wants to be millennial and current.

but they’ve recently cancelled it. i appreciate it had an all female crew but it was not all that funny.

4. naomi is just one of us, man. picking up haribo and trying on duty free lipstick. oh, well, maybe she’s not. i never try on sample lipstick or disinfect my area. maybe i should. do you?

5. don’t tell me you have never wondered.

6. an article about the ugly hidden face of gangnam.

7. i’ve been following andrew hales for a while. i like his content. and i especially like this recent video.

8. i read an article about a self-titled ethical pimp. hm. interesting read but i’m hesitant about calling this a feminist occupation. am i wrong?

9. check out rick owens’ venice apartment.

10. king cobra is a meh film about the world of gay porn.

11. watch this pilot video for a youtube channel called digital homeless yohei. it’s about rewriting your script. i kinda like him.

12. i was in bucharest for a few days. went out once, to the control club terrace.

13. andrew thomas huang is a chinese american director. he worked with bjork and fka twings. read his description of this short he wrote and directed beneath the video.

14. an article about being a death doula.

15. and another article about frugality. i’m moderately frugal. but it’s relative: maybe other thing i’m exaggeratedly frugal.

16. we drove from valencia to porto and back.

we slept one night in the parador de salamanca. we had a room with a view and a few hours to see the city. i liked everything.

17. trujillo is a secret medieval town. i loved it.

18. we stopped in orpensa, for some late breakfast. they also have a parador.

19. last but not least, toledo. unfortunately, it was full of tourists and unbearably hot. we’ll be back.

20. i read parinti by diana badica. a little social fresco of romania’s recent past. it starts slow, but the ending is rather satisfying.

21. i watched the 4th season of queer eye. the five guys have kinda become caricatures of themselves. i’ll keep on watching i guess.

how was you july?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders