july 2021 finds is here! shorter and sweeter than ever since i cannot post insta links.


1. i’ve only finished girl, woman, other by bernardine evaristo this month. it got the booker prize in 2019. it’s a black universe that reveals itself to be as interconnected as a puzzle. and i imagine it’s even more interesting if you manage to remember all the characters. i barely did. still, i fully recommend it.


2. I managed to read the british vogue, the third issue of konkeft and the current monocle. all 3 were absolutely satisfying.


3. one of my all time favourite albums, pj harvey’s stories from the city, stories from the sea turned 20 recently. i’ve been looping the 2021-released demo version of the album.

4. i really like the marias new album called cinema.

5. i found lay down your blade by joy wellboy by mistake.


6. i watched the naomi osaka documentary. she’s a great model for today’s girls. strong and determined, stable and with her eyes on her prize. after taking time off, she appeared on the cover of japan vogue and sports illustrated. great timing to show that life is not just tennis. i could give her a hug.

7. i washed my brain with the 2 series of too hot to handle.


8. i saw 10 things i hate about you. i appreciate the feminist main character even more 22 years after. entertaining. also, i miss heath.

9. i watched supernova, with colin firth and stanley tucci. heartbreaking and grown up.

10. dating mgk brought megan fox into a new cone of light. i watched an interview with diablo cody and a review of jennifer’s body. i finally watched the film. interesting from the perspective of a horror made from the female gaze.


11. i found an interesting but unfortunately private house in the north of portugal.


12. more people should be interested in paying off their debt.

13. i’ve been wanting to get to this kyoto moss temple for years. maybe next time.

14. i’ve never had hand-made tteok but i would like to.

15. it’s the first ever video on vogue’s channel that makes me believes the girl in it is human just like me.

16. this is an interesting little apartment in paris.

17. this is the lost and found office of the tokyo subway.

18. who doesn’t like street food? not me. please notice how the most “advanced” countries in the video have the saddest, least nutritious and most expensive lunches. oops.

i was in zurich and basel this month. also, i took a day trip to visit le musee lalique and a le corbusier jewel, notre dame de ronchamp. find all the visuals for this month on my insta.

how was your july?

photo and video credits for july 2021 finds: little aesthete, copyright holders