july 2022 finds is late, as always. this time, the excuse is that i moved.

july 2022 finds


1. i read si eu am trait in comunism by ioana parvulescu and a collective romanian author. it’s been 33 years since the revolution and i’m still not over it. i still get triggered. i guess i always will. read it if you want to know about actual communism, not the theoretical version.


2. monocle 155 was good, as usual. my favourites were the article by a former ukrainian novelist that became a soldier. and the one about the ecole de la librairie in paris.

3. i bought system 19 because rick owens is on the cover. and he didn’t disappoint. but most of the magazine was not worth the eye-watering 37 euro price.

4. british vogue had its pride issue in august, for some reason. the contents were as good as ever.

Photography © Mert and Marcus for British Vogue


5. you could watch this introduction to tool. they’re worthy to get into.

6. back in 1991, quincy jones invited camaron to the montreux jazz festival. it’s one of those few concerts i wish i could’ve gone to.

7. last spring, keith ape said he had between 3 and 6 months left to live. he seems well enough to have done this. which is fire, btw.

8. kramp is a keith ape rec. check it.


9. dangerous liaisons is a loose contemporary take on the chonderlos de laclos classic. imagine a insta certified diverse bunch of high-school kids in biarritz. it was weak, but it got me dreaming of watching the original stephen frears film again.


10. uncoupled is the new series by the satc team. i liked it.

11. surviving summer is a weak australian high-shool surf story.

12. i couldn’t watch baby the first time around. but now i watched all 3 seasons. i liked the roman flavour, the roman slang.


13. coimbra libraries welcome bats. find out why.

14. this is a very interesting article about how the binary is a lazy idea. yes, really.

15. a good article about david popovici, the romanian swimming sensation.


16. some kenyan women segregate. read to find out why.

17. this is the life of a surfer.

18. benjamin shine makes tulle come to life.

19. a short highlight reel of this year’s open house in porto.

20. a wonderful video humanizing nancy spungen.

21. a trip into the garden of delights by bosch.

22. learn the story of picasso’s guernica.

23. read if you don’t know about the dunning kruger effect.

24. you gotta love george carlin! binge watch his stuff. its amazing and as current as ever!

25. chris abroad makes japan-based content. follow him if it sounds interesting.

26. brad pitt picking favourites. i like the concept of this chanel.

27. a list of very doable summer deserts i will definitely never make myself.

28. this is another house in tokyo i’ll dream about.

29. scream artists and silent prop makers? there are many more such film set jobs.

how was your july?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete