june 2015 finds just happens to be full of new music i’ve come across.

june 2015 finds june 2015 finds june 2015 finds

10. i don’t remember how i found vanessa da mata. if i’m not wrong, one of my portuguese friends posted this song on facebook a while ago. now i love it!

she wrote a book. i’d love to get it and try to read it: a filha das flores.

and the portuguese (well, brasilian portuguese) music does not end here.

9. next is seu jorge. this is the song i first liked.

and then i discovered he had an entire album of portuguese language david bowie covers. it was also the soundtrack of the life aquatic with steve zissou.

seu used to be homeless when he was young and his music made him famous in the favelas. he is also an actor. he was featured, among others, in cidade de deus and in wes anderson’s above mentioned film. i’m looking into his work!

8. tribalistas are a brasilian group i discovered on the radio. they only existed for one year and this is probably their biggest hit.

7. if in the first part of the year i obsessed over zoe’s unplugged, i now changed my focus on their album from 2013. it’s called programaton and i couldn’t decide which song is my favourite.

i used to love 10 a.m.

but this month i couldn’t get over camara lenta and game over shanghai (liu yang river).

7. i liked this video. it illustrates a track by gener8ion featuring m.ia. and it uses footage of a 90-minute documentary called dragon girls. it was made by inigo westmeier and it is about the 35,000 pupils of a chinese kung fu school. breath taking!

6. i liked this video by osamu hasegawa. he shows a dynamic kyoto!

5. i also liked miguel santana‘s work. the only downside of his work is the fact that the intrusions of his girlfriend distract from the wonderful images.

4. russell houghten‘s urban isolation is a version of my dream. my perfect cities are always empty.

3. my newest earworm is marcia ft. jp simoesa pele que ha em mim. i can’t get over it!

2. the only notable film of the month is history of violence. it’s 10 years old, i know. but it has an interesting story line, stellar casting and some of the the best sex/violence in any of cronenberg’s films. i mean, the hate sex scene on the stairs is spectacular. just check it!

1. hello-goodbye by lupe fiasco is one the best tracks i’ve found recently. i love it!

he also has a side project called japanese cartoon where he uses a fake cockney accent.

do you have some good music to share?

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