june 2016 finds is what i managed to sneak in in-between bouts of work and writing.

june 2016 finds

1.tuttle publishing sent me a very cool book called japanese tattoos: history * culture * design. i read it so i am now informed about the history, the tattoo artists, the demons and the bodysuits.

i had heard about the dermatologist who collected tattooed skin removed from people after death. and i found out now that the 105 hides are housed in a tokyoite museum, but unfortunately the collection is not available to be visited.

i don’t have any ink and i don’t plan on getting any. still, this book was super interesting and full of great pictures. check it out!

2. high-rise by j.g. ballard. ballard’s work is marked by the fact that he spent his young years in shanghai, under japanese occupation. so high-rise, like many other of his novels, has one key concept: the ease with which humans give up their civilization as soon as the going gets rough. yes, essentially, it’s a bit like lord of the flies. i enjoyed it!

3. dark inspiration II is a victionary collection of rather macabre illustrations by cool new artists. two of my good friends are featured: aitch and saddo. you must check this out if you’re into great creepy art!

4. i’ve been looping lana del rey this month and i fixated on two songs. radio is on the born to die album.

5. but i liked the unreleased serial killer just as much.

6. back in february, i bought a geisha book to practice my spanish in a fun way. actually, i bought two geisha books but i’ve only read one so far. if you are even remotely interested in the topic, you must read geisha – los secretos del mundo flotante. you will get all the details about the history, the tradition and the secrecy around this line of work: fabulous!

in the pic below,the book is in the right corner.

7. i took a day trip to busteni and it proved to be a great idea. check out the dedicated post here.

june 2016 finds 1

8. i spent my birthday in brasov and i’m planning to post about that soon. the cover photo is from my actual birthday lunch!

june 2016 finds 2

i’ve been busy this month so far and tomorrow i’m going away for a week. to see what i’m doing at the seaside, check my instagram!

photo credits: little aesthete

video credits: copyright holders