june 2017 finds is everything i managed to do apart from working and going to the beach. yeah…

june 2017 finds

1.probably the biggest news of the month: we bought tickets for japan and korea. so i’ve started doing extensive research for a trip that will include lots of new places. i can’t wait!

2. watch asap rocky doing a q&a in oxford. the footage is 2 years old but i found it interesting. check it!

3. i’ve recently bought a circle brooch from cos. it’s a lot like this brooch i got 3 years ago only way bigger. i love it!

another of my sparse purcheses is this pair of red catalan espadrilles.

4. mid-june, valencians celebrate corpus cristi with a procession. i can’t tell you a lot about the religious details. but i can tell you that when we got there, one of the main downtown streets were lined with old ladies sitting on chairs, all prepared for the show. it was nice to see the community so involved and together.

5. i watched several documentaries and i choose desperately hungry housewives to illustrate the post. it’s about the eating disorders people live with for decades and it was eye-opening for me.

6. i watched sleeping beauty. it was weak but i kinda liked its linearity. i’ll admit i skipped through some of the parts.

7. we baby sat again and we kinda had to watch two kids’ movies. but they were not so bad, like some of the more recent child-oriented content i’ve seen. the first one was astro boy, the hollywood version of the japanese series. the second one was planet 51, where the tables are turned and a human astronaut is considered an alien on the planet he lands. i was entertained and also got to practice my listening skills in spanish!

8. talking about my spanish: it’s only slowly getting better. i have recently bought this book called botanicum in its spanish version hoping that it was easy enough to read. it’s very informative, especially if you are a botanical nerd.

9. as i was saying, i’ll be going back to tokyo soon. this i-d video on genderless fashion made me look forward to it even more!

10. you can rely on trentemoller to always come up with another good track. his most recent one has a heavy the cure vibe and i love it of course!

11. i spent one day in tarragona, on my way to barcelona. it was a very nice surprise!


12. i spent 3 days in barcelona, checking out things i hadn’t seen before. click here and here for the pictures.


13. i first found out about christine sun kim a while ago. i watched her ted talk and started following on instagram. check out her point of view, it’s refreshing!

14. john mcwhorter has for us 4 reasons to learn a new language. i loved his ted talk!

15. i came across a new cnn website. it’s called great big story and its content is great. browse the website and get subscribed. i have!

what have you been up to?

photo credits: little aesthete

video credits: copyright holders