june 2018 finds is here, one day early, as never!

1.the summer has settled in already. these wonderful henri salvador songs sound very appropriate.

2. i’ve read a romanian book this month. interior zero by lavinia braniste is the easy to read story about the sad life of a girl. i thought it was interesting. i recommend it to my romanian readers.

3. i ran across these cool making-of videos for isle of dogs. if you like them, you can find more on foxsearchlight’s youtube channel!

4. i spent less than 2 weeks in bucharest, working and seeing friends.

5. i took many long subway trips. so i managed to read the izakaya book from the oishinbo series. i loved it!

6. also in bucharest, we were lucky to be there for the opening of a big wood block print show. now that i’m faintly more knowledgeable, i can tell you that the collection spanned centuries, schools and important authors.

7. nine inch nails is touring europe as we speak. so mr. reznor is out and talking to the press about their new album, bad witch. click here to read his interview in the guardian.

8. as part of the cinema jove festival that’s still going on in valencia, we saw denmark by kasper rune. frustrating photography and storyline. we left half way through. i wanted to like it, but i just stopped caring about it all.

9. i saw the first two batman films, both by tim burton. the 1989 one sucked in spite of jack nicholson’s joker and prince’s involvment – both forgetable.

but batman returns was so good, my all time favourite batman movie! i can’t get enough of danny de vito’s penguin, but i’m in love with michelle pheiffer’s explosive catwoman. meow!

10. i finally registered on the bof website. but even so, only part of their content is available. well, this month i liked tim blank’s article about martin margiela, helmut lang and how their heritage trickled down until the present.

11. i went to bucharest knowing i wanted to eat very romanian things. there, i realized my actual list was very short. i only really wanted to eat ciorba. everybody told me about the new ciorba bar in town called ciorbarie. it’s amazing! great menu, fast service, several locations. definitely check it out!

12. rosalia is a 25-year old barcelona-born flamenco artist. check out her latest video for malamente which plays with catholic imagery. also, her breakthrough single, de plata. watch out for her. she’s part of the new flamenco movement, find a video about that below.

13. i like made to measure. these are just two of their videos, but check out their channel for more.

14. youtube recommended me vice espana. it’s not bad. i found at least four compelling videos.

15. ricard camarena is the best chef in valencia. he has 4 places with different price points. we had visited three of them several times. but we have only eaten at the new restaurant ricard camarena this month.

the restaurant currently has one michelin star. they hope to get more. they have a new location as part of the bombas gens complex. and the new location makes possible a more complex experience.

i recommend the experience. the place is very nice, the food is interesting and locally-sourced. i liked our very young local sommelier – a girl! i would definitely go back.

this was my month. how was your june?

photo credits: little aesthete and copyright holders

video credits: copyright holders