june 2019 finds is here! it was a weird month. i was away from home for most of it.

1.always be my maybe features ali wong and keanu reeves. it’s an airplane movie, you watch it and then forget it.

2. i watched the first series of teyana and iman. you may know her from kanye west’s fade video. and he’s a pro basketball player. a good-looking happening couple, but not enough for a second series.

3. i spent the first 2 weeks of the month in porto.

4. but the only touristy thing i did there was to go see an escher show.

5. i went to one night of primavera sound with new friends. we saw low, nenah cherry and rosalia, the queen of the night.

erykah badu was one of the headliners. she was over 30 minutes late. everybody was very cold, the venue was a big park on the edge of the ocean. she arrived and said: thank you for waiting. not excuse me for waiting. we left very soon. i don’t like feeling like an idiot.

6. rosalia started exactly when she was supposed to. and she transfixed everybody. she deserves the enormous success she’s enjoying right now. she was very intense and focused. she cultivates her own aesthetic and style. she’s the cover girl on vogue spain in july. she’s in almodovar’s latest film. and the crowd went crazy for every movement she made. for every portuguese or spanish or english word she said. a very good show!

7. i try to soothe my anxiety by buying cosmetics. especially miniatures i can travel with.

8. yes, him again. this time, a very good live. i wish i was there.

9. i finished the last 2 books of the oishinbo series: fish and vegetables. i loved them!

10. i spent one week in bucharest. but i had to work most of the time. i only managed to get out and go to one party. but it was the best party!

11. i like this marcia song.

12. fka twigs started as a back-up dancer. see her latest video first and then the practice.

13. this is a weird find. i don’t like madonna. now less than ever. but this is a catchy song on which she collabs with a hot young brazilian called anitta. do you like it?

14. i medicate with music. doesn’t everybody? this is a legendary studio session, you probably already know it.

15. june was pride month. i was in 4 cities this month. and i managed to miss pride in each of them… still, that doesn’t mean i didn’t celebrate.

16. i loved this video by nerd e crafter. and i think i’ll have to rent a boeing for when i’ll get back home from japan next time. watch it. you’ll see why.

17. i went to malaga for a couple of days. it was nice. a dream of southern spain.

18. the malaga pompidou center was underwhelming. probably because i visited between shows.

19. i went to la concepcion historical-botanical gardens. the place used to belong to some rich people. that’s probably why it doesn’t feel like a regular botanical garden. it was a great place to escape from the heat. i had a great salad there – i can’t forget it!

20. a pleasant surprise was el centro de arte contemporanea. free entry and a great show: i loved it!

21. i went to granada for a very hot day. i’m definitely going back!

22. i watched the new season of letterman’s show. letterman is much better than during the first season.

if you want to see a cold, media-trained narcissist, try the first episode, kanye west. then comes ellen de generes, lewis hamilton, etc. i liked tiffany haddish. you cry for her early life, you’re happy for her success.

23. i’ve moved to porto. yes, i did. i don’t know what i could add. except for the fact that you’ll see more portugal content from me. here and on insta, ofc.

24. coincidentally, one of my favourite travel bloggers has recently spent a week in porto. click to meet the city as seen by petite passport.

this is it for me. how are you dealing with the heat wave?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders