june 2021 finds is here!


1. nw by zadie smith. no matter what small faults i find with her, her work is undoubtedly good and worth checking out.

2. perestrika boys by dinu gutu is a good depiction of chisinau life in the 2000s.

it was a good month for comics. i read 5!

3. supergigante – words by ana pessoa and illustrations by bernardo carvalho. the exact adolescent level of portuguese that i can read.

4. aqui e um lugar bom – words by ana pessoa and illustrations by joana estrela. it’s a short read, a notebook. i liked the drawing style.

5. amadeo – a vida e a obra entre amarante e paris by jorge pinto and eduardo viana. it introduced me to the life and the work of the main character.

6. voyage a tokyo by vincenzo filosa is a year-long trip to tokyo by a manga-obsessed italian.

7. o gourmet solitario by jiro taniguchi and masayuki kusumi. i read it in portuguese and loved it!


8. british vogue was as good as ever, with nobel prize laureate malala yousafzai on the cover.

9. konfekt is monocle’s young sister. i read it for the first time and i liked it.

10. semi permanent is a long-form interview magazine. i liked the selection of artists.


11. untouchable is tony effe’s new album. yeah, it’s trappy and basic, but it made me listen to it repeatedly.

12. and then i slid into his older work with or without dark polo gang.


13. hedwig and the angry inch is a cult musical. it features childhood sex abuse, east berlin, narcissism, drag and an angry inch. i recommend it.

14. happy together is a very good film by wong kar-wai. it’s about a hong kong gay couple looking for happiness in buenos aires.

15. i saw 50 shades of grey by sam taylor-wood again. it’s a fairy tale of vanilla sex. i think the wildest inaccuracy in the film is the rich mother in law excited to meet her son’s poor partner.

16. scarface by brian de palma i sno news. pacino is absolutely magnificent. and after you realize cocaine is the main character, things hit different.

17. whisper of the heart is a ghibli studio film by yoshifumi kondō. recommended. i’m now in love with the nameless cat.


18. paradise city is mostly meh. it has weak acting and storyline and questionable casting. the 2 supranatural characters brought absolutely nothing to the story. but you’ll like it if you are interested in rock music. i’d say it’s watchable in a pinch. and i see the storyline promises a second season.

19. halston is a 6-part netflix series about the american fashion designer. it’s hard to watch an unlikeable main character for nearly 6 hours. i was wondering if ewan mcgregor took on the role of a gay man mainly to replenish his divorce-mutilated net worth…


20. have you ever thought about living in a tiny house?

21. interesting insight from a trans woman.

22. learn about the tuna trade in new york.

23. and then about the tuna trade in tokyo.

24. how do you like this little house in tasmania?

25. i came across his channel by mistake. allan su makes some of the best travel videos i’ve ever seen. i dare you to watch them and not start wanting to follow in his footsteps.

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photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders