june 2022 finds has arrived on time.


my bookshelves hide the books i read and show off the ones i haven’t. the piles of unread books are always in my face. i spent this month reading in the sun.

1. i re-read crash by jg ballard. it’s wonderful, one of my favourites.

2. this is an article pertaining to a book on my to-buy list: crying in h mart.

3. the may tokyo shoes swapper and other short stories by rebecca otowa was pretty good.

4. i read historia da arte em 21 gatos de nia gould in portuguese. it’s a book that introduces kids to art history.

5. portugal art de vivre et creation by sergio da silva introduces the reader to artisans living in portugal.

6. i liked camaron la alegria y la pena by irene mala. it’s the story of the flamenco god illustrated by salva f. romero. i knew the story, but this version was more detailed. i recommend it.

next, the fumetti i picked up in italy. my italian is so poor i can only read magazines and graphic novels.

7. born to lose by nicoz balboa is a visual diary with text. imagine publishing your diary, warts and all. the handwriting and the random layout was a challenge. overall, a solid meh.

8. i read one night by yoshiharu tsuge in italian. it’s a bunch of stories about death in manga format.

9. i loved quasi una storia d’eroi by ettore gula.

10. questa e la stanza by gipi aka gian-alfonso pacinotti. it was cool and it revolved around making music.

11. niente di nuovo sul fronto di rebibbia by zerocalcare was hard to red, too slangy for me. i need to do it again.


12. the july issue of british vogue was as good as ever.

13. i read interview issue 542. after reading 2 issues, i know i’m definitely not interested in their angle.

14. i loved the 34th issue of fantastic man. it was an issue dedicated to writers and i loved it! also, i made a long list of the books the writers recommended!

15. the highlights of the june issue of monocle were the naoshima article and the aveiro house.

16. i read my first apartamento issue #28. i liked the cover story on nikki de saint phalle. also, paul b. preciado’s story. very interesting! i have already bought the new issue.


17. when we were younger is this summer’s earworm for me.

18. i’ve been listening to full depeche mode concerts. i’ll just post one.

19. since i cannot post the porto concert, i will post einsturzende neubauten in the wonderful hamburg elbphilharmonie. i wish i was there.

20. i’m on active lookout for new things. magdalena bay was one of the few finds.

21. annemaykantereit are not new, but they sound good doing covers. the kid with the voice is henning may.


22. i watched halftime, j-lo’s netflix special about her superbowl performance. more interesting than expected.

23. friends with money by nicole holofcener was interested, especially if you are middle-aged.


23. first class is a reality show featuring rich and famous from barcelona. i watch easy stuff to maintain my spanish.

24. i loved love on the spectrum us. it’s about a bunch of neurodivergent kids looking for love.

25. i watched sha rukh kan interviewed by david letterman. you don’t know who he is? he’s the brad pitt of bollywood or arguably bigger.


26. david popovici is the new international natation star. he’s also a 17-year old from romania. read about him! below, watch him speak flawless english in a podcast.

27. we’re watching austin butler blow up. i’ve been watching him for many years and i’m glad for him. well deserved!


28. watch to find out more about the social credit system in china.

29. i loved this apartment full of books. i’m now following the channel for similar content.

30. the latest dior fashion show took place in sevilla. here are a few videos with the local artisans employed.

31. i bought little eathquakes for myself on my 18th birthday. i used to like tori amos so this video was interesting.

how was our june?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete