kaan tilki aka albert kaan is, hands down, my favourite romanian model.

kaan tilki

i’d known him for ages, from magazines (you can probably tell by now that he is pretty hard to forget). but it was only one night, when we intersected while he was racing up the stairs of a bucharest club, that the penny dropped. i could immediately tell he had something, a magnet in his belly perhaps, that worked its magic in those few short seconds.

we met at some point, we talked and i must tell you. he’s even better live. better looking, smarter, nicer – a great surprise. and he’s always making me smile.

i wrote about him before but only tangentially.

he loves to read and travel and he’s currently studying sculpture.

and, cherry on top, mr. kaan tilki loves animals. and tokyo. he’s perfect, right?

photo credits: google search