First, I went to Kamakura, which proved to be a great idea. A small town with temples and a huge Buddha.

Second, I took a tour of Yokohama. I went through Chinatown and then along the seashore, where I proved to be an easy target for kids looking to improve their English: little groups of pupils in uniforms were supposed to find tourists and ask them a series of questions. After answering the questions of three such groups I had to walk away fast to lose the others… Sowy!

Although any tiny station in Japan has some king of a shopping center attached to it, Yokohama was my first encounter with a real mall: it was huge, never-ending. I found H&M, TopShop, etc. So far, I had barely seen anything apart from Japanese brands and the odd Gap store. It was interesting. At night, I slept deeply, trying to prepare myself for TOKYO!!!

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credits: lilaesthete